Learn How Christian Youth Can Get A Strong Mind In 60 Seconds Per Day

As a young Christian many years ago I found that one of the major battles that I faced was changing my mindset. It was a real struggle to replace a mind that was easily defeated by setbacks, disappointments and failures, with one that remained strong and focused on Christ no matter what. That is why I created Thought Life, to give young Christians and mature a simple way of developing a strong mind, with a daily routine that takes no more than 60 seconds each day.

Focusing on the Thought Life Daily Devotional encouragement words and scriptures could be the best 60 seconds of your day.

Thought Life Daily Devotional
Thought Life Christian Devotional positive thoughts
Thought Life Christian Devotional youth thoughts
The Thoughts Christian Youth Struggle With

As a  young person in modern society you struggle with a range of challenges in daily life. Your mind is dealing with many difficult issues such as peer pressure, body image, expectation of parents, pressure of studies, relationship issues, negative thoughts, effects of over reliance on social media, poor family relationships, financial difficulty, and more. 

These difficulties can lead to real mental challenges, including depression,

Read World Health Organisation information on mental health in young people.

As a young Christian these challenges do not  suddenly disappear, but through the ministry of the Holy Spirit through God's word, the battle can be won.

Thought Life Christian devotional helps you to win the battle by giving you a positive, bible based thought plan for your day.

Thought Life Daily Devotional Healthy Mind For Christian Youth
Control Your Thoughts And Shape Your Day

Thought Life gives young Christians a simple, yet very powerful way of shaping your day through shaping your thoughts. Each day you will be provided with an inspirational thought along with the bible verse that inspired it. Use this thought and scripture as your approach to all that you will face for the day. It only takes 60 seconds to shape your day.

Thought Life Daily Devotional

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Thought Life Christian Devotional get rid of negatve thoughts
Thought Life Daily Devotional Christian Youth Thoughts
The Thought Life Of Young Christians Is Crucial To Their Success 

Bible scripture makes it very clear that a sound mind and correct thinking is crucial for the success of the Christian. Specific instruction is given for young people to focus their minds on the word of God, so that  their thought life will enable success.


Psalm 119:9 "How can young people keep their lives pure? By obeying your commands" 

You need to be consistently guided by the word of God.


Psalm 119:11 "I keep your law in my heart, so that I will not sin against you" 

Thought Life gives you a daily encouragement and scripture to keep in your mind and shape your approach for the day.

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