Hello! I am Pastor Steve Marshall, the author and founder of Thought Life. Welcome to Thought Life.

Thought Life came about through a god-given desire to encourage people. I converted to Christianity in December 1999. Shortly after my conversion I received a word of prophecy that I would speak words of inspiration and influence into the lives of many people.

In August 2000 I began to send people in my congregation words of encouragement, coupled with scripture verses via text message. This daily encouragement soon became a website with thousands of subscribers from over 40 countries, and eventually became Thought Life.

To be able to encourage others is one of the greatest things in life. The Thought Life daily devotional is designed not only to encourage, but to inspire. There is a unique section at the back of the book, where you can write your own god-given inspirations for your future.

May Thought Life take you to a higher level of thinking and victory.

God bless you.

Pastor Steve Marshall


Pastor Steve Marshall is an Evangelist, author, counsellor, innovator and international speaker,

For more information visit BeliefIsTheBeginningOfChange.co.uk.